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One of the best options on house roofing is getting install metal roof over flat roof. There are numerous advantages that homeowners can accrue with installing a metal roof on new construction. First and foremost, they are ideal for residential as well as commercial properties. Secondly, metal roofs are currently available in variety of colours and styles; you can select the right combination for your house to make it look appealing. Besides, metal roofs are durable and ensure long term energy efficiency to save money.

DoorWindowRepairs is a premier metal roof repair company that provides quality technicians for residential metal roof installation. Take advantage of our cost-efficient services to get the best results for your home roofs related problems. To know more, contact us online today!

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Benefits of Installing a Metal Roof on a House

  • Expected life - Metal roofs can last long if installed properly and because of their proven durability, they can withstand high velocity winds and snow. Additionally, metal can resist fire, insects and rust.
  • Weight - As compared to concrete tiles, which weigh round 900 pounds per 100 square feet, metal roofs could be much lighter and may weigh around 750 pounds per square 100 feet.
  • Fire resistance - Metal roofs are composed of non-combustible materials making them fire resistant. But still, homeowners must inquire about the metallic composition of layers underneath to make sure that they are heat-resistant.
  • Heat conduction - Metal roofing has rigid foam insulation and so, reflects heat from the sun during day time. This saves energy that will otherwise be required for running air conditioners in house.
  • Minimal roof pitch - The minimum roof pitch in case of metal roofs is 3 inches per horizontal foot and so, installing metal roofing over plywood can be undertaken even on non-leaking roofs which are gently pitched.
  • Maximum shedding of rain and snow - Metal roof panels are intricately interlocked and that doesn’t allow rain water or snow to pass through. And dark metal tones can even facilitate quick and easy melting of snow.
  • Speed & ease of roofing installation - Mostly, metal roofs are comprised of multi-layered shingles and reliable metal roof patch repair or local metal roofing contractors can install them quickly thereby saving time before arrival of storm or hail.

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Types of Metal Roofing

Here are the most common types of metal roofing on the market:

What Types of Installation are Out There?

Prior to making a decision on how to fix your metal roof (replace, repair, install), you have to know what types of metal roof installation are out there.

Metal Roof Specialist for Roofing Needs

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To lower maintenance costs of metal roofs, you need reliable residential metal roofing contractors like DoorWindowRepairs. We may provide you various options for proper metal roof installation.

You can choose the right option and save precious dollars on energy bills. And to achieve this objective, our metal roof specialist will assist you during the task of better selection.

Metal Roof Repair Contractors to Review and Manage Roofing Systems

Metal roofs don’t require expensive repairs or maintenance and can last for more than 30 years if the residential metal roof installation process is done in a proper manner. However, on installation, it is advisable to review metal roof system at least once every 6 months. Such a move can be extremely helpful in detecting problems, if any, at an early stage.