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DoorWindowRepairs is a GAF certified company for fixing roof shingles which can supply you qualified and efficient technicians who are known for their high quality craftsmanship required for replacing shingles or installing shingles on a shed.

Take advantage of our cost-effective services to putting shingles on a roof at the most affordable price rates. Besides, our experts make sure that the work is delivered on time and that too, to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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Install Architectural Roof Shingles – Here’s What We Do

  • Work Left to Right, Bottom to Top - Our technicians strictly follow company guidelines when at job. Accordingly, they will begin roof repair or replacement work from left to right and install roof shingles from bottom to top.
  • Carefully Flash the Valleys and Seams - Prior to beginning with the roof sheet installation work, proper flashing is required to make sure that there is no water leakage in the layers of shingles underneath the roof.
  • Complete One Shingle Bundle Before Moving to the Next - Colours are likely to vary among shingles layers and to avoid that, our experts use bundles of shingles of the same colour before moving on to the next shingles section.
  • Check the Deck - To ensure quality work, our expert will first make sure that the roof deck is solid and durable. Special plywood with label CDX is used for sheathing for roof sheathing.
  • Use Full Tabs at Valleys or Rake Edges - As we are a leading roof ridge installation company, our specialists will installing 3 tab shingles over metal valleys or rake edges that are minimum 4 inches in width.
  • Attach Ridge Cap Shingles Correctly - Wherever there are ridges, shingles have to be capped in a proper manner by using long nails with specifications 13/4 to 2 inches on either side of the ridge peak.
  • Use Proper Nails - Corrosion resistant nails must be used for fitting roof shingles beneath roof. The material that we use is fully verified in accordance with building code requirements and suggestions from manufacturers.
  • Use Proper Nailing Technique - The key to proper shingle installation is the technique used for nailing asphalt shingles. Depending on prevailing weather conditions in a particular geographical area nails must be fixed with sealant.
  • Be Cautious with Double Layers of Roofing - In some neighbourhoods, installing shingles over old shingles is prohibited by code. The older roofs/shingles need to be completely removed before installing of new shingles/roof.
  • Use Ice and Water Membrane Where Appropriate - Ice & water membrane is impermeable and does not allow water to penetrate through it. Such a proposition could be mandatory in areas that witness freezing temperatures especially during winters.
  • High Wind Considerations - When installing ridge shingles in windy areas, it is advisable to use shingles with reinforced nailing strips that can resist high velocity winds up to 110 mph.

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Installing a New Roof with Shingles

The under layers of roofing systems are composed of shingles of different types. When roof shingles get shattered due to any reasons, the resultant can be water leakage. The issue needs be addressed urgently otherwise it could lead to host of other problems. In such cases, you may need the services of a reliable and reputed roof shingles installation contractor that has the knowledge as well as the expertise to do the job to perfection.

While selecting new roofs your home, factors like colour, style, durability, warranties as well as costs come into the forefront. Accordingly, roofs with asphalt shingles offer great performance and value for money to homeowners and their colour can be blended to give natural look to houses. Shingles can be structured for creating multi-dimensional effect and if installed properly, shingle life will get extended. To determine what the right option is, talk to our expert!

Benefits of Installing Roof Shingles:

Whether you’re installing dimensional shingles or panels, it provides number of benefits to homeowners.

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Installing Shingles on a Hip Roof – Know Exactly What It Means

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Shingles are basically overlapping elements which cover the roof and most homeowners, across the United States, prefer such types of roofing materials for their homes. Shingles may consist of variety of base materials such as wood, slate, metal, fibre cement, plastic and even composite stuff like asphalt or ceramic tiles.

Nevertheless, the condition of roof shingles can deteriorate quickly as they bear the brunt of nature’s fury in the form of hails, storms, heavy rains, snow, ice, etc. So there might be need to repair or replacing shingles for preventing water leakage in homes after a certain period of time.